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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Is Your Priest Properly Vested ?

Antique Chasuble with Goldwork Embroidery
Illustration: PINTEREST

Illustration: PINTEREST

A beautiful new Embroidered Silk Chasuble,
of Bicester, Oxfordshire.
Illustration: PINTEREST

Dutch Cope.
Produced by F. Stoltzenberg, Roermond.
Date: 1847.
Illustration: PINTEREST

Dutch Cope.
German fabrics.
Producer unknown.
Date: Circa 1900-1920.
Illustration: PINTEREST

Italian Chasuble
Illustration: PINTEREST


Circa 1330–1350.
This splendid Chasuble is a beautiful example of Opus Anglicanum.
The principal Vestment worn by a Priest, Bishop, or Archbishop, in the celebration of Mass.
A Chasuble was usually made of the richest materials possible.
Illustration: PINTEREST

Part of the Vestment collection at the Anglo-Catholic Saint Mary's Church, Upper Froyle, Hampshire, England. The majority of the items were collected by Sir Hubert Miller (a past Lord of the Manor), whilst he stayed in Italy. The collection numbers over three hundred items of Vestments and Church Furnishings, large portions of which date from the 18th-Century or earlier.
Illustration: PINTEREST

Photo: 10 September 2009.
Source: Own work.
Author: Design: Pietro Siffi.
Copyright: Ars Regia -
(Wikimedia Commons)

Cardinal Angelo Scola,
wearing a Scarlet, Watered-Silk, Biretta.
Photo: 22 March 2009.
Source: Own work.
Author: Louis14.
(Wikimedia Commons)

One wonders when this magnificent Tiara will be worn again.
It is the oldest surviving Papal Tiara and dates from the 16th-Century.
It has not been worn for Centuries by Popes,
but is used to Crown a Statue of Saint Peter, annually.
Illustration: PINTEREST


Thou Art a Priest Forever:

Thou Art A Priest For Ever.
Illustration: PINTEREST

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