Thursday, 24 March 2016

The Taking Of Christ. Maundy Thursday.

File:Caravaggio - Taking of Christ - Dublin.jpg

English: The Taking of Christ.
Deutsch: Die Festnahme Christi.
Artist: Caravaggio (1573 - 1610).
Date: Circa 1598.
Current location: National Gallery of Ireland,
Dublin, Ireland.
Notes: English: Also known as "The Judas Kiss".
Notes: Deutsch: Auch bekannt als „Der Judaskuss“. Es existieren mehrere zeitgenössische Kopien des Werkes, unter Anderen die in Odessa befindliche und zwischenzeitlich gestohlene VersionFile:Caravaggio - Taking of Christ - Odessa.jpg.
Source/Photographer: Web Gallery of Art
(Wikimedia Commons)

The Taking of ChristNational Gallery of IrelandDublin. Caravaggio's application of the chiaroscuro technique shows through on the faces and armour, notwithstanding the lack of a visible shaft of light. The figure on the extreme right is a self-portrait.

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