Cloisters of Saint John Lateran, Rome. Source:

Monday, 30 May 2016

Stunning !!!

"The Carpet Seller".
Artist: Rudolf Swoboda (1859-1914).
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Illustration: PINTEREST


  1. You just knew I was going to love this painting. It's got everything a painting should have.

    It puts me in mind of a Short Story I had published,'Coat Tales,' which is the tale of an Afghan Coat I bought from behind the Suq in Kabul - but not told from my point of view. I'll email it to you when I get back from Austria. ...

    ...The most fantastic church in Scheffau ... I'll try to get some interiors for you

  2. Thanks, John.

    Good to hear from you, and delighted that you and Pat are enjoying Austria so much (one of my favourite countries).

    Also, pleased you like the painting.

    Looking forward to your communications, when you return to Perfidious Albion.


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