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Monday, 6 June 2016

León Cathedral.

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Santa María de León Cathedral, also called "The House of Light", or the "Pulchra Leonina", is situated in the City of León, North-West Spain. It was built on the site of previous Roman Baths of the 2nd-Century A.D., which, 800 years later, King Ordoño II converted into a Palace.

León Cathedral, Dedicated to Santa María de la Regla, was declared of Cultural Interest in 1844. It is known as the "Pulchra Leonina" and is a masterpiece of the Gothic Style of architecture of the Mid-13th-Century. The design is attributed to the architect Enrique. By the Late-16th-Century, it was virtually completed.

The Screen.
León Cathedral. 
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English: Vaulting of The Crossing, León Cathedral, Spain.
Català: L'arquitectura d'Hogwarts es basa en l'estil gòtic.
Español: La arquitectura de Hogwarts se basa en el estilo gótico.
Euskara: Gangak.
Français: Le transept et les vitraux.
עברית: קמרונות מקום המצלב.
Date: September 2001 (original upload date: 2005-09-02).
Source: Transferred from fr.wikipedia to Commons.
Author: Jaume at French Wikipedia.
(Wikimedia Commons)

The main façade has two Towers. The South Tower is known as the 'Clock Tower'. The Renaissance Retro Choir contains alabaster sculptures by Jusquin,Copin of Holland and Juan de Malinas. Particularly noteworthy is the Plateresque Screen or Reja in the wall behind the Sepulchre of King Ordoño.

It has three Portals decorated with sculptures situated in the Pointed Arches between the two Towers. The central section has a large Rose Window. Particularly outstanding is the image of The Virgen Blanca and the Locus Appellatione, where justice was imparted.

English: The Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria, León Spain.
Español: Catedral Gótica de Santa María, en León.
Photo: 19 March 2014.
Soure: Own work.
(Wikimedia Commons)

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