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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

MPs Swamped By Avalanche Of Postcards As Voters Protest To Mark 50th Anniversary Of Act Which Has Claimed Lives Of 8.7 Million Unborn Babies.

MPs swamped by avalanche of postcards as voters protest to mark 50th anniversary of act which has claimed lives of 8.7 million unborn babies

MPs will this week start receiving an avalanche of postcards from constituents demanding an end to abortion.
Thousands of voters are taking part in a coordinated campaign to mark the 50th anniversary of controversial legislation which has so far claimed the lives of almost 9 million unborn babies.
SPUC asked supporters to lobby MPs calling for an end to abortion in Britain.
Protest postcards have been sent to 532 MPs - more than 80 per cent of the 650 sitting in the House of Commons, and delivery began yesterday (Monday 30 Jan).

A clear message 

SPUC spokeswoman Antonia Tully, said:
"The vast majority of MPs are receiving a clear message from their constituents that they want an end to abortion in Britain. Thousands of people are asking their MP to recognise the humanity of unborn babies and to work to give these defenceless human beings the legal protection they deserve.
"Each of the postcards which will flood the House of Commons  has been signed by a person who is unhappy about abortion in this country.”

Read the rest on the SPUC website:

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