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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Saint Raymund Nonnatus. Confessor. Feast Day, Today, 31 August.

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Saint Raymund Nonnatus.
   Feast Day 31 August.


White Vestments.

English: Saint Raymund Nonnatus being fed by Angels.
Español: San Ramón Nonato alimentado por los ángeles.
Русский: Св. Раймунд, питаемый ангелами.
Date: 1630.
Source: [1]
Author: Follower Of Eugenio Cajes.
(Wikimedia Commons)

The Church Solemnised, on 23 January and 31 January, The Feasts of Saint Raymund of Pennafort and Saint Peter Nolasco, who Founded The Order of Our Lady of Ransom. The Church honours, today, Saint Raymund Nonnatus, who was one of its glories. On 24 September, she will Celebrate The Apparition of Mary, herself, who was the Foundress of this Religious family.

Saint Raymund Nonnatus had never known his mother, of whom he was prematurely deprived by death. He implored The Virgin to adopt him as her son.

Mary, herself, one day revealed to him that, to please her, he was to devote himself to the ransoming of captives (Collect). He immediately renounced worldly riches, and, determined only to use them to help his neighbour (Epistle), he enrolled himself in The Order of Our Lady of Ransom and was sent to Africa with the mission to ransom Christians who had fallen into the hands of Mohammedans.

He delivered a great many and gave himself up as a hostage, so as not to expose those who remained behind unransomed. His mouth was closed with a padlock which cruelly pierced his lips, and he was thrown into a narrow cell. He died in 1240.

Mass: Os justi.

English: Christ rewards Saint Raymund Nonnatus.
Español: Cristo premiando a San Ramón Nonato.
Date: 1673.
Author: Diego González de la Vega.
(Wikimedia Commons)

The following Text is from Wikipedia - the free encyclopaedia.

Raymund Nonnatus, O. de M. (Catalan: Sant Ramon Nonat, Spanish: San Ramón Nonato, French: Saint Raymond Nonnat, Maltese: San Rajmondo Nonnato), (1204 – 31 August 1240) is a Saint from Catalonia, Spain. His nickname (Latin: Nonnatus, "not born") refers to his birth by Caesarean section, his mother having died while giving birth to him.

Raymund is the Patron Saint of childbirth, midwives, children, pregnant women, and Priests defending The Confidentiality of Confession.

The Towns of Saint-Raymond, Quebec, Canada, San Ramón de la Nueva Orán, Argentina, and São Raimundo Nonato, Brazil, are named after him. A Shrine in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the Roman Catholic Diocese of São Raimundo Nonato (Raymundianus) in Brazil, are Dedicated to him.

In The United States, the Parish of Saint Raymond, in the New York City Borough of The Bronx, Cathedral of Saint Raymond Nonnatus, in Joliet, Illinois. and Saint Raymond Catholic Community, in Downey, California, are under his Patronage. There is also a Parish Dedicated to him in Juana Díaz, Puerto Rico.

The Cathedral of Saint Raymund Nonnatus is The Seat of The Catholic Diocese of Joliet,
Illinois, United States of America.
Photo: 29 July 2015.
Source: Own work.
Author: Farragutful.
(Wikimedia Commons)

Due to the story of his own birth, Raymund quickly became widely invoked by women facing childbirth. This can be seen in the large number of Santos, depicting him, found in the Colonies of The Spanish Empire.

Because of his limited historical importance, however, since the reforms of The Church Calendar in 1969, The Liturgical Commemoration of Raymund's Feast Day is no longer included among those to be necessarily observed wherever The Roman Rite is Celebrated. But, since he is included in The Roman Martyrology for 31 August, Mass and The Liturgy of The Hours may be recited in his honour on that day, as in the pre-1970 General Roman Calendar, which is observed by some Traditionalist Catholics.

One particular ritual is centered around the padlock that is part of his Martyrdom. Locks are placed at his Altar to stop gossip, rumours, false testimonies and bad talk. They are also used to keep secrets, stop cursing or lying and to guard Priests defending The Confidentiality of Confession.

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