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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Lent Is Here. Let Us Make It A Meaningful Time This Year. Pray And Go To Confession. Pray And Go . . .

Illustration and Text: RORATE CAELI

Lent starts tomorrow. We're running out of time to prepare.

In the past, you could find a Traditional Lenten Mission at many Parishes. Now, unless you are near a Traditional Parish, they are nearly extinct -- or worthless.

Fortunately, we are not meant to live in the past, we are meant to live in the now. And, now, we have the Internet. And there is an abundance of good on the Internet, along with the bad.

As we do every year, we bring to your attention this wonderful, Traditional, Five-Part Lenten Mission by the holy and learned Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea. While it is not short, it does go by very quickly, and is easy to follow and understand. It's clear, concise and bold.

As the season nears, you would do well to listen to this, to Pray on it and to use it to prepare for a fruitful Lent -- and be ready for it to change you for the better.

Click on each of the five themes of the Mission: 

On Hell


  1. I am very blessed to be at a Fraternity Parish, and we are so fortunate to have two Lenten missions this year. God bless, and may God reward you for a wonderful blog.

  2. Dear Christine M. What a delight to read your lovely Comments. Thank You very much, indeed.

    As you say, you are truly Blessed to be at a Fraternity Parish. Thank God for them. And TWO LENTEN MISSIONS this year !!!. You will be a Saint, shortly !!!

    I am extremely touched by your most generous Blessing, and Comment, about this little Blog. Deo Gratias.


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