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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Oh, Thank God. At Last. A Politician That Speaks Out For The Little Ones.


Deputy Nolan has won admiration for her 
courageous Pro-Life stance in the face of pressure and suspension from her Party. In a Statement she said:
"I have decided, as of today, 19 June 2018, to resign from Sinn Féin. I feel that, as a Pro-Life Republican woman, that I no longer have a place in this Party
which doesn't recognise or show genuine respect
for the Pro-Life views of Members."

This Article is taken from, and can be read in full at, LIFE INSTITUTE

Carol Nolan TD.
Illustration: LIFE INSTITUTE

"It is not for Politicians or Society in general to decide who lives or dies. Every life is precious and every child deserves the chance to live. I don't believe that Abortion is the solution to any crisis, how can it be when
it takes The Right To Life away from the unborn ?"

"I cannot and will not support Abortion and for that reason I have made a decision to leave Sinn Fein".

[Editor: To Carol Nolan TD.
You may not get your reward in this life,
but you 
surely get your reward in Heaven.]

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