Notre Dame de Rouen. The façade of the Gothic Church in France. Photographer: Hippo1947. Licence: SHUTTERSTOCK.

25 Jan 2014

Open Library. A Plea For Retaining The Gregorian Chant . . .

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"The purpose of this little book is to endeavour to give some reasons for preferring the ancient music of the Church, in chanting the Psalms and Canticles at Divine Service, to the later music which may be said to date from the 18th century, and is known as the Anglican Chant. The writers of this paper will have attained their end if one or more of its more thoughtful and unprejudiced readers is led to conclude that, after all, in this as well as in other instances, 'the old is better.' "
Imprinted at the Convent of S. Mary

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