The Cloisters, Moissac Abbey. December 1877. Photographer: Séraphin-Médéric Mieusement (1840-1905). Licence Ouverte. Wikimedia Commons.

7 Jul 2022

Pope Leo I. Pope Leo II. Pope Leo III. Pope Leo IV. Pope Leo XII.

In this Altar in Saint Peter’s Basilica, Rome,
are kept the Relics of three Sainted Popes named Leo:

Leo II (682 A.D. - 683 A.D.);
Leo III (795 A.D. - 816 A.D.);
Leo IV (847 A.D. - 855 A.D.).

The Altar of Pope Saint Leo I (440 A.D. - 461 A.D.) 
is right next to it.

Pope Leo XII (1823 - 1829) is buried in the floor between them.

Text and Illustration:

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