Notre Dame de Rouen. The façade of the Gothic Church in France. Photographer: Hippo1947. Licence: SHUTTERSTOCK.

19 Mar 2023

“ Perkins, Perkins, Perkins. You Are Not Listening. Take It Back !!! ”

1929 Chrysler Race Car.
Illustration: HEMMINGS

Perkins (Chauffeur) seems to be intent on
getting a faster motor car. He has previously been told
there is nothing wrong with the current Charabanc (see, below, taking Zephyrinus to Sunday Mass).

Perkins (Chauffeur) taking Zephyrinus
to Sunday Mass in the current Charabanc.
Illustration: PINTEREST


  1. Perhaps Perkins was thinking the Easter Bunny needed a faster set of “wheels.” Always on the job, that Perkins. With Zephyrinus pocket book in hand, um-hmm. -Note by Dante P

    1. Quite right, Dante P. That Perkins is always “on the make”. Mind you, he has impeccable taste. He only ever chooses the most expensive bits of kit. Then he tries to send me the bill !!!


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