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Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Artwork By Alexandre Bida Of The Life Of Christ.

Mary’s Visit To Elizabeth.
From “Christ in Art”; or, “The Gospel Life of Jesus: 
With the Bida Illustrations”.
by Edward Eggleston. New York: 
Fords, Howard, & Hulbert, 1874.
Artist: Alexandre Bida.

Alexandre Bida (1813-1895).
Photo Credit:
(C) RMN-Grand Palais 
(musée d'Orsay) / Hervé Lewandowski.
Date: 7 May 2013.
Author: Bingham Robert Jefferson (1800-1870).
(Wikimedia Commons)

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Alexandre Bida was born in Toulouse, France, and specialised in Orientalism and studied under Eugène Delacroix, but with an artist’s eye for precision and perfection, he soon developed his own style.

During Bida’s youth, he travelled and worked in Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, and Palestine. He became well known for his exhibition shows during the period between 1847 and 1861.

He was also an illustrator of the Holy Bible. As a Bible illustrator, Bida’s “Les Saints Evangeles” was published in 1873. In it, the four Gospels were enriched by his twenty-eight etchings.[2]

Of Bida’s work, it was said that he brought a truth and genius that made his Christ reverent, refined, dignified, and strong. He died in Buhl, Germany in 1895 at the age of eighty-two.[3]

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