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Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica Of The Nativity Of Saint Mary, Milan, Italy. Basilica Cattedrale Metropolitana Di Santi Maria Nascente, Milano. (Part Six).

English: Milan Cathedral.
Italiano: Milano - Duomo.
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After the accession of Carlo Borromeo to the Archbishop’s Throne, all Lay Monuments were removed from the Duomo. These included the tombs of Giovanni, and Filippo Maria ViscontiFrancesco I and his wife Bianca, Galeazzo Maria, which were taken to unknown destinations.

However, Borromeo’s main intervention was the appointment, in 1571, of Pellegrino Pellegrini as Chief Engineer — a contentious move, since to appoint Pellegrino, who was not a Lay Brother of the Duomo, required a revision of the Fabbrica’s statutes.

Borromeo and Pellegrini strove for a new Renaissance appearance for the Cathedral, that would emphasise its Roman / Italian nature, and subdue the Gothic Style, which was now seen as foreign.

English: The Nave, Milan Cathedral.
Italiano: Interno del Duomo di Milano.
Photo: 13 January 2007.
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As the façade still was largely incomplete, Pellegrini designed a “Roman” Style, with Columns, Obelisks, and a large Tympanum.

When Pellegrini’s design was revealed, a competition for the design of the façade was announced, and this elicited nearly a dozen entries, including one by Antonio Barca.[12]

This design was never carried out, but the interior decoration continued: During 1575-1585, the Presbytery was rebuilt, while new Altars and the Baptistry were added. The wooden Choir Stalls were constructed by 1614 for The High Altar by Francesco Brambilla.

Milan Cathedral.
Date: 1870s.
Giacomo Brogi (1822-1881) - “Milan - The Cathedral”. Catalogue # 3818a.
Italiano: Giacomo Brogi (1822-1881) - “Milano - 
La Cattedrale”. Numero di catalogo: 3818a.
(Wikimedia Commons)


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