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11 Jun 2014

Forty Hours' Devotion. Our Lady Of The Rosary, Blackfen. Thursday, 12 June 2014, 2000 hrs - Saturday, 14 June 2014, 1030 hrs.

The following is taken from the Forty Hours' Devotion Newsletter of Our Lady of The Rosary Catholic Church, Blackfen, Kent (Web-Site

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The Forty Hours' Devotion began in the 16th-Century, as a response to the excesses of the "Carnival"; it soon developed a universal appeal, which included the Solemn Prayer for Peace.

Pope Clement VIII established particular procedures for the devotion, which, in large part, we are following, these days.

The Forty Hours' Devotion.
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After the Second Vatican Council, the devotion fell into disuse in many places, where it had previously been a major part of Catholic life. In more recent years, however, it has seen a revival, along with other expressions of Catholic devotion to the Most Holy Eucharist.


Following the Letter Summorum Pontificum of [then] Pope Benedict XVI, there is no longer any scruple about following the Traditional practices related to the Devotion.

The "Forty Hours", in most cases, are not exactly equal to Forty Hours. The principal characteristic is that the Devotion continues over three days.


Thursday, 12 June 2014.

2000 hrs (8 p.m.)
Solemn High Latin Mass (Extraordinary Form).
Mass of Exposition.
With Procession and Litany of the Saints.

The first night sees the Solemn Mass of Exposition, which is followed by a Procession of The Blessed Sacrament within the Church, rather as is the custom on Maundy Thursday. After the Procession, the Litany of the Saints is sung, in order to beg the intercession of the Saints for all our needs.

The Blessed Sacrament is then left Solemnly exposed on the High Altar, with at least twenty candles lit in honour. At all times, there should be people watching in the Church, and, when possible, one or more Clerics in the Sanctuary, vested in Cassock and Surplice.



Friday, 13 June 2014.

1000 hrs (10 a.m.)
English Mass.
With Hymns.

2000 hrs (8 p.m.)
Missa Cantata (Sung Latin Mass) (Extraordinary Form).
At the Lady Altar.

We have Masses in both the newer and the older Form of the Roman Rite. These Masses are Celebrated at the Lady Altar, at the side of the Church, rather than the High Altar, where The Blessed Sacrament is exposed.



Saturday, 14 June 2014.

1030 hrs (1030 a.m.)
Missa Cantata (Sung Latin Mass) (Extraordinary Form).
Mass of Reposition.
With Liturgy and Procession.

After the second night, the Final Mass is celebrated at the High Altar, followed, this time, by the Litany, first, and the Procession, afterwards. Thus concludes this great expression of Devotion to Our Eucharistic Lord, who is present, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, in The Most Holy Sacrament.

According to the rules for Indulgences, set out by Pope Paul VI, anyone may gain a Plenary Indulgence, once a day, by spending half an hour in Adoration of The Blessed Sacrament. During The Forty Hours, many people spend a whole hour in Adoration.

To gain the Indulgence, one must Pray for the intentions of the Holy Father (by saying, for example, the Our Father and the Apostles' Creed, or the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be), one must receive Holy Communion, and one must make a Sacramental Confession. The Parish Priest will be happy to hear Confessions at any time he is in the Church, as well as the usual advertised times.

The Forty Hours is a great Blessing for the Parish. The Parish Priest encourages all Parishioners to make full and generous use of the opportunity for gaining many Graces for ourselves, our Parish, our Deanery and for the whole Church.

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