Saint Paul-Without-The-Walls, Rome. Author: Herbert Weber, Hildesheim. 11 October 2005. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported Licence. Wikimedia Commons.

13 January 2021

Self-Absorbed Promethean Neo-Pelagians Looking Lack-Lustre. Formation All Awry. Endure Thrashing By Young Devout Trads.

Illustration: MY LEARNING

Traditional Faithful Adherents ............................9
Self-Absorbed Promethean Neo-Pelagians...........0


  1. Don’t you just love the “action-pose(s)” in the last image!

    Serious business!

    1. Thank You, Dante Peregrinus, for your welcome Comment.

      The Victorian artists were very good at capturing “action poses”. I find their illustrations somewhat refreshing and a little humourous during these difficult times.

      This particular Post, of course, offers a little light-heartedness and “laugh-ability” at the higher echelons of The Catholic Church, who continue to confuse a lot of The Faithful with their ever-so-strange pronouncements and activities.


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