The Cloisters, Moissac Abbey. December 1877. Photographer: Séraphin-Médéric Mieusement (1840-1905). Licence Ouverte. Wikimedia Commons.

1 Oct 2022

October. The Month Of The Most Holy Rosary.

The Blessed Virgin Mary.
Illustration: WALLPAPER CAVE

The Blessed Virgin Mary
is Crowned Queen of Heaven
by Her Beloved Son.

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Encyclical Letter
(The Month Of October)
Of His Holiness Pope Leo XIII.

At the coming of the month of October, dedicated and consecrated as it is to The Blessed Virgin of The Rosary, we recall with satisfaction the instant exhortations which, in preceding years, We addressed to you, venerable brethren, desiring, as We did, that the Faithful, urged by your authority and by your zeal, should redouble their piety towards The August Mother of God, The Mighty Helper of Christians, and should Pray to her throughout the month, invoking her by that Most Holy Rite of The Rosary which The Church, especially in the passage of difficult times, has ever used for the accomplishment of all desires.

Given at Rome, Saint Peter’s,
22 September, 1891,
in the fourteenth year of Our Pontificate.


English: The Vision of Saint Dominic.
French: L’apparition de la Vierge et de l’Enfant Jésus
à saint Dominique.
Artist: Bernardo Cavallino (1616–1656).
Date: 1640-1645.
Source/Photographer: The AMICA Library
(Wikimedia Commons)

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