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3 Oct 2022

Sacred Heart Church, Kőszeg, Hungary.


Sacred Heart Church, Kőszeg, Hungary.
The building is considered to be a fine example of 
Gothic Revival Architecture.
Caption and Illustration: TUMBLR

Sacred Heart Church,
Kőszeg, Hungary.
Photo: 16 July 2007.
Source: Own work.
Author: Gr3mi
(Wikimedia Commons)

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The building is considered to be a fine example of Gothic Revival Architecture. It was designed by Viennese architect Ludwig Schöne and was built between 1892 and 1894, in place of the old Korona Hotel, on the main square.

It is a Church with three Naves, a Transept, and a Polygonal Sacrarium.

It has a fifty-sevem metres high Tower and two Pinnacles. The Bell plays a melody from Händel’s Oratorio “Saul”.

The carved Wooden Altars were made in Vienna and in Tirol. Many of the Stained-Glass Windows were donated to the Church by local families; they show pictures of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and Hungarian Saints, such as St. Stephen, Blessed Gisella, St. Emeric, St. Ladislaus, St. Elizabeth and St. Margaret.

Several pieces of Mediæval and Baroque Furniture and Goldsmith’s Work were taken to this Church from the older Saint James Church, including two Chalices made in 1421 and 1486.

The Organ was made in 1894 by the Rieger Brothers.

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