Notre Dame de Rouen. The façade of the Gothic Church in France. Photographer: Hippo1947. Licence: SHUTTERSTOCK.

26 Mar 2023

Veiling Of The High Altar During Passiontide. Church Of Saint Anne, Berlin, New Hampshire, United States of America.

The Veiling of The High Altar during Passiontide.
Church of Saint Anne, 
 Berlin, New Hampshire,
United States of America.

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  1. The veiling of the altar starting today, Passion Sunday, is dramatic and an emphasis on what a world without hope of redemption would be if not for the offering of Our Lord's life in atonement for the sins of the human race.

    Yes, it was another long-established liturgical practice with great meaning that was mysteriously "erased" in the liturgical collapse after 1965: but it should be re-instated. Of course.

    It makes one think at an elemental level of what life would be like. And shudder.
    -Comment by Dante P.


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