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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

“When Thirty Million Americans Listened To Fulton Sheen’s Show On The Wireless Every Sunday”.

By: Peter Kwasniewski.

This Article is taken from, and can be read in full at,

Remember the time when . . .

Remember Him Who said . . .



  1. Thank you, Zephyrinus, for alerting this reader to the article by Dr. Peter Kwasniewski @ New Liturgical Movement, which I had not yet seen. The unnamed Portuguese writer to whom Dr. Kwasniewski attributes the series of about 45 aphorisms IRemember when..." really hits the mark, such as:

    "Remember the time when priests spoke of eternal life, of the need to save one’s soul by fleeing from sin and living in God’s grace."

    "Remember when there were no “supper table” altars in our churches, but only eastward-facing altars whose very appearance awakened a sense of respectful fear and reverence in people, and pointed them to God above us and beyond us, as well as in our midst."

    "Remember when there were no empty seminaries, empty convents, abandoned parishes and closed Catholic schools, but places filled with Catholics blessed with large families."

    "Remember, remember... when there were no traditionalists, because there was no need to describe any Catholic with this expression."

    Just today, as if cued by this article. I received a newsletter from one Catholic religious order which included a photo of their ordination class from 1964: They had about 25 newly ordained priests---just for this one Eastern US province.

    Yes, we must remember. And discern the Spirit of Truth from any false spirit of the times.
    --Note by Dante P

    1. Thank you very much, Dante P, for your excellent Comment, which encapsulates everything in the Article referred to. All those points, of course, are anathema to today's “intelligentsia” and are always ridiculed and “cancelled”. It has always been so: The gurus of this World are constantly at war with Christ's Church and Kingdom. The Roman Empire, possibly the greatest Empire the World has ever seen, failed miserably when confronting Christ's Church. What chance the “intelligentsia” in today's “chic” society !!!


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