The Cloisters, Moissac Abbey. December 1877. Photographer: Séraphin-Médéric Mieusement (1840-1905). Licence Ouverte. Wikimedia Commons.

18 May 2022

Saint Venantius. Martyr. Feast Day 18 May.

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Saint Venantius.
   Feast Day 18 May.


Red Vestments.

English: Saint Venantius is hung upside-down over a fire,
and then thrown to the lions.
Wall mural from Saint Venantius Church, Horgenzell, Germany.
Deutsch: Filialkirche St. Venantius, Pfärrenbach, Gemeinde Horgenzell.
Wandgemälde im Kirchenschiff: Venantiuslegende.
Photo: 18 April 2006.
Source: Own work.
(Wikimedia Commons)

The Church, anxious during this part of The Easter Cycle to Glorify God for the Victory of His Son, "Consecrates this day by the triumph of The Blessed Martyr Venantius" (Collect). "Living in Jesus and Jesus in him, he bore much fruit" (Gospel), "and was persecuted in order that he should bear still more" (Ibid).

English: The Basilica of Saint Venantius, in CamerinoItaly.
Français: Vue de la basilique Saint Venanzio à Camerino, Italie.
Italiano: Scorcio della Basilica di San Venanzio, Camerino - Italia.
Photo: 9 October 2007.
Source: Own work.
Author: Tuvok89
(Wikimedia Commons)

Born, Circa 235 A.D., at Camerino, Umbria, Italy (Editor: The same area of Italy as Saint Ubaldus, whose Feast we Celebrated on 16 May), he was led, at the age of fifteen, before Antiochus, Governor of the Town under Emperor Decius. He was made to suffer cruel torments, but Angels came and assisted him.

Camerino, Umbria, Italy.
20 April 2011.
Source: Own work.
Author: Parmiss21
(Wikimedia Commons)

Martyrdom of Saint Venantius of Camerino.
Artist: Scarsellino (1550–1620).
Date: 1595-1605.
Texas, United States of America.
Source/Photographer: OQGRBeHzGGFMJw,
Google Cultural Institute.
(Wikimedia Commons)

"His tormentors were touched with repentance by his constancy" (Epistle) and many were converted.

He was beheaded towards 250 A.D. His body lies at Camerino, in the Church Dedicated to him.

"Let us honour the Merits of Saint Venantius and imitate the constancy of his Faith" (Collect).

Mass: In Paschaltide: Protexísti.
Mass: Out of Paschaltide: In virtúte.

“The Mass Of The Foundation Of The Trinitarian Order”.
Artist: Juan Carreño de Miranda.
Illustration: LOUVRE



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